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Variety of sports


The United States is the largest sports power in the world and provides athletes with the best conditions available, from the quality of coaches, the level of facilities, the variety of sports to the level of investment in athletes. Three main bodies organize the integration of athletes in colleges:  NCAA NAIA and NJCAA. The school year of a student-athlete is divided into two semesters. The FALL semesters, from August to December. The SPRING, from January to May.

In Between the semesters there is winter vacation, as well as three months summer vacation..

Sports Scholarship


Colleges in the United States award scholarships to talented athletes and allow them to participate in a competitive league's while acquiring an academic degree. A Sport scholarship may include: tuition, housing, food, health insurance and books. It is important to note that the amount of the scholarship will be determined according to the athlete's academic and professional abilities. The process of matching the requirements takes about a year to a year and a half. Communicating with us early as possible will ensure the precise and comprehensive fulfillment of all prerequisites so as to secure the best scholarship out there.







The soccer season in colleges is special and powerful, with the first weeks intensive PRE season which holds 2-3 training sessions a day. The season games begin towards the end of August, with two games during each week, partly require the team to travel. Each program plays between 20-30 games in season and in accordance with its performance. In case the team secures a spot with the NCAA Soccer Tournament, the games would go on until December. College soccer in the US is widely covered by the media, Includes streaming, interviews with players and in-depth articlesof the games so you can watch from all over the world. 

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American basketball is mostly recognized with the NBA League, but general interest in the field increases yearly, mostly due to a new NBA rule, requiring each player to study at least one academic semester.

The college basketball season begins with league games in October and continues with tournaments throughout the year. "March Madness" is the most famous playoff games in college, with the desired "Final Four" tournament in April. It is important to know that basketball coaches are known for their demands for the highest level of professional and academic self-investment.



The tennis programs in the United States are among the most advanced in the world, including high-performing training teams, countless hours of practice, as well as many competitions to help players reach their highest potential. As a result, tennis is highly popular among foreign students, and around 30% of tennis players in American colleges are actually coming from around the world. The tennis season is year round, with the Fall Semester focusing on specific competitions (with the aim of personal scoring) and Spring Semester, in which players participate in group competitions (focusing on group scoring) until May, in which the champion college is announced.

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