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Fulfill the American Dream -  

The athletes are developing and realizing their potential in the college league

Our athletes enjoy a powerful sports experience that includes high-level facilities, large and experienced training teams, extensive training hours and the development of personal abilities, personal attitude and a sense of family throughout the study period in the United States.Our goal is to help young athletes reach their sporting and academic potential while having an unforgettable experience in the United States. 

Shira Kansas.jpg

"A challenging and satisfying experience. At first there are difficulties because of all the changes but once you practice and adapt everything becomes better and you have a lot of fun. Our sports facilities are just insane."

Shira Elinav
Kansas University

yuval sade NEW_edited.jpg



"The experience in the college league is unique and the most correct step I have taken in my life. I fulfill myself professionally with the highest level facilities in the world and while I am gaining an academic education."


"This journey is so challenging, enhancing, and formative. Professionally the pace and requirements are very high, the facilities are amazing, the atmosphere is something I have not experienced anywhere else!
You know friends from all over the world, and most importantly the attitude towards the athlete and the way the athlete treats himself is insane!
And enjoying the road for me is worth it all! "

amit beilin2.jpeg

“I can say that my choice to come to college is a crazy experience and one of the most important decisions I have ever made in my life.
From the team of coaches, the facilities, the coordination between the school hours system and training and games, the atmosphere here is very positive, supportive, strengthening, and empowering. This is a great opportunity for athletes to learn and progress. "


"Until now the experience is unlike anything I knew, you know people and cultures you would not know in any other situation. In addition, you challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone, it is not easy but I know it will upgrade me as an actor and more important as a person."

Oren Asher - Rutgers University .jpg

"I arrived at a training complex that I did not believe I would see alive, conditions that can only be found in the big clubs in Europe, and as an athlete you fall in love at the first moment and just want to get back on the field."

Keren Goor - Santa Clara University.jpg

"There is no experience like this in the country. I live in California, the atmosphere on campus is insane, American culture, powerful football and studies are all part of a once in a lifetime experience for me.  "

FIRSTEAM USA I David Schwartzman I Florida Atlantic University

David Schwartzman
Florida Atlantic University / UIW

"The team helps a lot to adapt and gives a feeling of family, the combination of school and football is comfortable and creates a reality of self-improvement and perpetual. In addition, living in Florida makes everything perfect." 

יובל אורן 4_edited.jpg

"From the first moment I was amazed by the level of football, facilities and professionalism in the College League. There is a huge full-time team here, from coaches, physiotherapists, academic advisors, professors to cafeteria workers who work 24/7 to help us be better players, students and people. It is a great experience to live alone. For the first time in a foreign country, with a foreign language and meet life friends from all over the world.  This is definitely the way to a better future! "


"As an athlete interested in combining studies with football, the College League  Is the best option. The relationship I created with the players, the coaching staff has become deeper, the teaching staff attentive to the needs as an athlete representing the university. The shell that includes facilities and equipment are at the highest level in the world of sports. I'm very glad I was given the privilege to play and experience the colleges in the U.S. "Thank you Shai and Tal for helping me achieve this!"

עדן שחר4.jpeg


WhatsApp Image 2021-09-13 at 22.35.00.jpeg

"The progress I have made in my two and a half years in the US as an actor is enormous, socially you know people from all over the world and it opens up opportunities for you that in life you never thought you would have. In terms of studies the teachers are very helpful and considerate of athletes-  An extraordinary experience . "


Eliana Nelson Levy
Southern Utah University

"Starting the process is a step that is difficult to do but over time one realizes that it is the right thing to do.
Whether or not the goal is to be a professional actress, the framework and envelope of college prepares you in the right way combined with a bachelor's degree. "


"Conducting in colleges is one to one like a professional team. 6 coaches each training, European level facilities and a feeling of nothingness. The combination with the studies creates a challenging experience without a doubt but the supportive environment relieves the athletes and helps with difficulties."

טל פ.jpg

"There is no doubt that going to college is the perfect combination -  High level training, professional shell, amazing attitude, crazy atmosphere and of course undergraduate studies… Recommend to anyone who asks me and of course with the help of Shai and Tal "

עומר טל.jpeg

"I think every player who takes himself seriously should understand that the future is here, the conditions and the attitude and the conduct are all different."


"The level of football and the quality of the facilities are beyond what I expected! Integrates perfectly with the studies and especially those who take care of everything. 
Special acquaintance with other cultures and friends from all over the world "


"I am very impressed and happy that I made this move. Learning a lot about myself since I came to the university campus. Enjoying friends, studies and football - together this is the ideal combination for me."

Hadas Charleston.jpeg

"The experience of living, studying and playing in college is unique and unparalleled in the country. Playing at a high level with facilities I only dreamed of, studying at a high academic level, and living in one of the most beautiful cities I have seen are a great privilege."

Rom Wasserman.jpeg

Rom Wasserman

Quinnipiac University

“I was delighted to come to an excellent university with a serious and competitive football program.
The team's training complexes at a high level, enriching studies and adding more value to the journey, the experience of living in the US and experiencing a new country and culture all together intrigue me to see how I will develop as a person and player in the coming years at university. "

Raz Amir.jpeg

"College experiences for me is an extraordinary thing something I have wanted to do all my life to study and play football. The facilities, studies, people, experiences and conditions are something I will take with me for years to come. Hard work is a necessary condition in the process Go and Fulfill Yourself!"

Amit Cohen.jpeg

"I'm very bastard that I came to Florida. I love the amount of training and of course the place! I really enjoy the experience and the combination of football and school. I know it's the right place for me and I'm glad I got to the US College League."


Thomas Monayer
Ottawa University

"I am very happy that I decided to join the College League. Very quickly everyone made me feel as comfortable as possible. We have all the conditions to move forward - a new stadium, treatment rooms, locker rooms at the highest level and a whole team that makes sure we succeed professionally and academically."

יניב ציון.jfif

"A one-time experience that recommends to every athlete, the sports culture in the United States is very powerful and provides players with the right tools for success. Fulfilling a childhood dream and long-term vision are the winning combination for me."


"I can say with confidence that this is the best decision I have made, as an athlete and as a person. The people on campus, sports and American culture combined with academic studies are an empowering experience that I will never forget."

Shani Lederman - Upstate South Carolina University

"A really crazy experience, they are all 100% in training. We work really hard and the most fun part is the connection with the other girls in the group, because we are together all the time.  So you make really strong connections and they all go through it together. "


Mahmoud Shech Ichya
Camden County ollege

"Joining a college in the US was simply one of the best decisions I ever made - a great coaching staff for an amazing environment, I made new friends for life. Studying and playing the sport I love is indescribable. I always wanted to be a college athlete, I feel like I live in a dream . "

3יונתן רייטר_edited_edited.jpg

Yonatan Reiter
Yeshiva University

"High-class facilities with 4 5 coaches in each training session. The best way you can find to do a degree and continue to play and enjoy football"

FIRSTEAM USA I Ayal Marzuk I Mercer Comm

"I was glad I realized I was worth a lot more than I thought! The feeling that I could do something important and successful here in the big world too  It's a real feeling of victory. And the amazing part is that it does not matter if it is on the field as a player or off it as a student and as a person in general. "


Eden Shachar
Flagler College

"Today I understand much more the magnitude of the changes I have made to my life. Being an athlete and a student in the United States is something very special that we are not used to or exist in Israel. The other lecturers and students look at you with admiration for being a player on a football team. "

roei nir.png

"I combine football and academic studies, and acquire tools for life. As a player on the university team, I accept all the conditions to succeed, from the equipment and treatment room to the quality of the field. For me, the experience of living in the United States is a year of life."


"The beginning was challenging but after a few months I integrated and met new friends. Professionally the college gives me everything I need as an athlete. From the impressive facilities,  Sports technology, to flights to outdoor games and accommodation in the luxurious hotels there are. "

FIRSTEAM USA I Inbar Geva .jpeg

“Studying in colleges in the US has been my dream since a young age. We have the best conditions I could ask for so I can combine sports and studies. I am learning and developing from all the challenges that arise because of the gap in language, culture and adaptation in a new country and a new group. " 

AMIT F 2.jpeg

Amit Flachtman
St Thomas University

"We accept all the conditions in order to be very successful. From the first moment I arrived on the college campus the acclimatization was comfortable, the staff and team players received me nicely and immediately made me feel good and positive. In addition to living in New Jersey in the US it is an amazing opportunity."


"I have amazing people around me and just an unforgettable experience and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I have very high goals to get better here and advance to play in good leagues in the US and to that end I know I have to invest my whole being on the field and in the classroom."

הדס פרא2.jpeg

Hadas Prawer

Thomas University

"What sets the university apart is that the city's residents support the sports teams and come to the games and beyond that every college athlete gets an adoptive family for the school validity that takes care of everything he needs. The teachers' support for the athletes here is amazing!"

Matan freshman.jpeg

"The whole system focuses on how to help the player, everyone is focused solely on helping the team win and there is a real atmosphere of unity. In addition, our level of facilities is very high, from the courts, gyms and treatment rooms available to athletes every day."

FIRSTEAM USA I Ron Alkobi.jpg

"The atmosphere on the university campus is great and we have a large crowd at every home game and it's great fun. To my delight we are a very successful team and ranked second in the entire US! To my joy as part of the group success I get very great exposure and recognition "

FIRSTEAM USA I Nitzan Ricklis I San Fran

"This is the first time I have been treated like a professional actor  With an entire team that supports me in sports and studies. We have 3 tennis coaches, 2 fitness coaches, a physiotherapist, a nutritionist,  A sports psychologist, and an academic team that supports and accompanies every day. "


"I can say I appreciate the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself as a person, athlete and student. A daily sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. I believe the combination of undergraduate studies and football will make me the best in the future."

Ron zaharor.jpg

"The experience is amazing - high-level training facilities, a variety of people from all over the world, a daily training routine and of course being a student on campus that is unlike anything we know in the country. Within three months I was able to feel at home. "


"The challenges of acclimatization and the new experiences I have gained so far have strengthened me and strengthened me mostly, but at the same time made me better as an actress and become a more mature and better person. It is a once in a lifetime experience that not many get."

FIRSTEAM USA I Daniel Twizer I Belmont U

Daniel Twizer
Belmont University 

"I can say with confidence  That's one of the best decisions of my life. I am recommended to anyone looking for the unique combination of professionalism and high-level sports facilities  Studies in Higher Academics "

FIRSTEAM USA I Ilai Shvika I Drexel Univ

Ilai Shvika

Drexel University

“The four years I studied and played football in the professional and academic intensity that US universities offer, have undoubtedly changed my life. A time when you set yourself new and much higher standards, in every way. For me personally, the experience of the College League has changed my life. "

FIRSTEAM USA I Shachar Elisha I Texas a&

“It is about fulfilling a true dream, personal empowerment, growth, learning, self-fulfillment and much more beyond.  I won two championships and two rings. Absolutely an extraordinary achievement!   The education I acquired, learning new languages, meeting other cultures, making new friends are what made this experience an important and meaningful journey in my life. "


FIRSTEAM USA I Dor Dadon I Camden Commun
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