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Sport Scholarships for Student-Athletes


Join our student-athletes family today for a once in a-lifetime chance to be both a student and an athlete in the USA.

The experience of being a student-athlete provides a unique combination between two important paths for personal and professional development. Our players will have the opportunity to gain college degree (Bachelor or Master) alongside continue developing their sport career and experience the college experience and the American culture.

We use our experience, knowledge and personal connections with over 1,000 universities within our network to help YOU achieve your goals.


Full Support

  • Scout and Recruiting potential athletes for colleges

  • Academic evaluation and compliance with university requirements 

  • Analyzing the level of the athlete to the level of the leagues in the USA


Scouting and evaluation of the athlete

  • Collect of relevant documents and certificates

  • Guidance for translate the documents into English with notary

  • Build a professional CV and personal video profile

  • Registration and tutoring for SAT & TOEFL tests


Create player profile 

  • Promoting and marketing the athlete to college coaches in the United States 

  • Obtaining sports scholarships according to the player's abilities

  • Obtaining scholarships for outstanding students


College search and Placement

  • Preparation of registration documents

  • Submission of documents and registration to the Sports Association

  • Assistance in registering for university 


Admission & Eligibility 

  • Assistance in Applying for an American Student Visa (I-20) 

  • Preparing an athlete for the trip to the United States 

  • Intensive preparation session 


Student visa

And preparation for the trip

  • Assistance in moving between colleges

  • Representation of athletes for the summer league 

  • Advice for further careers and a master's degree

  • Guidance and visits to the US throughout the degree


Personal representation & Next Career





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